Top 5 Ways to Décor Your Home with French Provincial Style

Top 5 Ways to Décor Your Home with French Provincial Style

The minimalist décor approaches might be failing to soothe your senses as well as please your vision, and you wish for something bigger and better. Well, time changes and so does your taste and preferences. When you want a more simplistic yet an elegant and luxurious look for your drawing room, your bedroom, and also for your garden, then you can deck up your interior and exterior of the house, with French provincial décor. It is not just intricate and beautiful, but this décor also enhances the resale value and the aesthetic appeal of your home.

french provincial furniture

#1. Go for repainting spree:

  • Right from choosing the colors of your wall, to the upholstery and the bed stands, you can play and experiment with pastel as well as vibrant shades for French provincial décor, and for a more soothing experience, you can use bland and neutral colors, or combine them with wood polishing, for refurbishing intricate fireplaces and wooden exteriors. After painting the interiors, prepare the grounds for some furniture remodeling. For choosing the best furnishing, you can select floral designs, geometric pop-ups and also antique looks for your furniture.
  • Opt for the muted grey, taupe or white shades and repaint your existing furniture items.
  • Well, the quintessential French décor also includes great color palettes for the bold and beautiful. Go for the deep navy blue or blood red shades, if you wish for some dramatic effect.

#2. Install vintage furnishings:

Now, if French provincial décor is your choice, you will have to be on the lookout for French furniture items. The best destination, in this regard, can be the nearby antique or auction shops. Go through the available options with them and select vintage pieces. Well, a typical French sideboard can be the perfect shot here. Moreover, the beautiful and elegant armoires will surely make your esteemed guests envy you. Doing up the kitchen is also an important job at hand. Purchase separate cabinet doors and add moldings. And that’s all; you are already halfway through, in achieving the perfect French provincial look.

french provincial decor

#3. Quintessential French prints:

Understated elegance happens to be one of the most significant aspects of French provincial décor. Therefore, you can opt for the understated designs in rugs, cushions, throws and sofas. In case, you are looking for motifs, opt for the bee and crown motifs. There are many online and offline stores that provide a wide selection of French provincial décor in striped, lined and chequered varieties. You can opt for the detailing, depending on the linen, the bed sheets, the sofa cover materials and the curtains.

#4. Importance of accessorizing:

While considering the French provincial home décor, you can always consult notable designers to get a unique look for your home interior.

  • Well, you can begin with the kitchen and carry forward the accessorizing process to the dining table. Visit the market in proximity to your home and search diligently. You are sure to find a piece or two of the striped tea towels, breadboards or enamel jugs.
  • Complement them with bone-handled silver cutlery and white table cloths with French stripes. Now, you can enjoy a classic French meal.

french provincial style

#5. Significance of repairs and storage:

Now, you might be sleepless nights over repainting your furniture. Well, you will be happy to learn that it is no rocket science. Prepare the wood of the furniture and know the exact concentrations of the acrylic primer and the paint. Follow instructions and you are good to go. Finally, as storage ranks amongst the most significant aspect of a house, you need to ensure the best French provincial décor in this segment too.

Lastly, ditch the normal baskets for the French-style wicker or wire baskets. You can also renovate the old ones with a dab of grey or white paint. And ensure the best look for your dream residence.

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