Awesome Caprese Dip

Awesome Caprese Dip

caprese dip

I love this Caprese Dip. It always gets rave reviews and people asking for the recipe. And, it’s so easy it’s almost hard to believe! Hot melty cheese with flavorful pesto and yummy fresh tomatoes. Oh, heaven I tell you!

I’ve taken this to a few parties, and it travels really well. I premake the foil packet with all the goodies inside, fold up the foil edges really well, and tuck it in a cooler. Then, when I’m at the party or tailgate, I can pop the packet on the grill, and in no time at all, I have an awesome cheesy dip. Just remember to bring along some crackers or chips to serve with the dip.


You can you can make this Caprese Dip on the grill or in the oven. So if you’re at a tailgate or at home watching the game on the couch it comes out just as melty and yummy!

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