DIY Natural Rope Planter

DIY Natural Rope Planter

This DIY rope planter is a guest submission by

 Rope Planter

So far my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is doing well. I’ve only had to water it once in the two plus weeks that I’ve had it. As I mentioned, I’m taking it to the tub to water well, and let drain. The nursery pot it came in has nice large holes for perfect for drainage. So while it’s small, I’m going to leave it in this pot.

However, it’s not the most beautiful planter, so I decided to find a nice container to place the nursery pot in. I looked around at some nurseries and big box stores and didn’t find anything I liked. I thought, maybe a basket, but I couldn’t find anything that was the right size in the craft stores. In the end I made one. This DIY Natural Rope Planter project turned out great and it was so easy and very affordable too. READ MORE

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