Slow Cooker Apple Crisp – Gluten Free!

Slow Cooker Apple Crisp – Gluten Free!

gluten free slow cooker apple crisp

Sweet apples topped with crumbly, buttery oats and slow cooked with cinnamon and brown sugar. Serve warm and top with vanilla ice cream. This Slow Cooker Apple Crisp recipe is so incredibly easy to make, you’ll never want to make it in the oven again!

Let’s get this out in the open right now. You can, and should, make dessert in your slow cooker.

That’s right. Slow cookers are not just for making dinner anymore.

But why should we pull out the slow cooker when you still have to take the time to slice the apples? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just throw it in the oven?

That’s an easy one. Not only will it free up your oven when you’re making dinner (ahem- Thanksgiving turkey), it also gives you the freedom to not have to watch the oven while it’s cooking. Go shopping, take a nap, or whatever else you want to do in your free time. Just don’t worry about the apple crisp!

All you have to do is set it, then forget it. You’ll have warm, sweet Slow Cooker Apple Crisp before you know it.

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