A Great Guide For A DIY Living Room Redecoration

A Great Guide For A DIY Living Room Redecoration

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house. Or at the very least, it’s where you’ll be spending most of your time. Either sitting watching TV with the family, chatting with your partner or entertaining house guests. That’s why you want it to be two things. You want it to be comfortable and stylish in equal measure. How do you achieve this? There are a couple of tips for how to make your living room the best place in the house.

Upgrade The Flooring

If you want your living room to look stylish, you should get rid of the carpet. Instead, you should opt for hardwood flooring. This will look fantastic with the decor of the room and is gives the place a more traditional feel. If you want an extra tip, you can make the room look rustic and unique by using barnwood for your flooring. This type of wood has a gorgeous natural colour that is perfect for your home. You can get supplies from Barnstormerswood, as they specialise in high-quality barn wood.

New Furniture

When choosing new furniture, you have a chance to create a theme for the room. You can choose furniture that complements the type of wooden flooring that you have chosen. For instance, if you have bought some barn wood flooring, you might opt for furniture that looks a little rugged and rough. Of course, you still want it to be comfortable though. You should shop around and a look at different designer blogs to get some ideas. Remember, when choosing how much furniture to buy that the easiest way to make a room stylish is to approach it in a minimalist way. Choose as little furniture as possible and the room will look grand.

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You should then think about adding a few accessories around the room to give it some character. This could be small pieces of furniture like a coffee table. Or, it could be artistic pieces that fit in with the chosen theme of the room. For instance, you might like some paintings that use orange and red colours to contrast with the chosen flooring.

Light Fixtures

You don’t want this redesign to cost a fortune so when looking for light fixtures and installation, make sure you shop around for the best price. Again, you can choose fixtures that match the already chosen theme. Or you can make them stand out more. A current popular choice is to have spotlights at different points on the ceiling rather than one or two main fixtures.


Finally, you might also want to repaint the room. When choosing a colour, be sure to test different shades before committing. The right colour will not clash with the already chosen design of the room. Instead, it will accentuate the best features. Also, don’t forget that different colours alter our perception of space. If you choose a light colour, the room will look more vast and expansive. Choosing a darker shade will keep the room warmer and give it a more cosy feel.

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