A Blab with Macheesmo | Tasty Food Live: Episode 1

blab with macheesmo and dan330Thursday, October 29, 2015 is a day that will change your life. It is the first of a weekly blab hosted by Dan330. We are bloggers and social influencers. Starting now, we will be hosting other top bloggers and personalities from around the globe. This Thursday, we are kicking things off with a few tailgating tips by Nick Evans from Macheesmo. Nick is author of Love Your Leftovers and is also featured food writer for Tablespoon.com. This is your official invitation to join a blab with Macheesmo.

In the beginning of this new series, we will be talking tailgating, football, and holiday decorations. That should get us well into the deep, dark, coldness of a Minnesota winter.  As we are pushed to the brink of insanity, we want to listen to YOU to guide us forward. Ask us questions while we talk, ask for a seat with a camera, and tell us what you want to see in the coming weeks. We want to bring you into the conversation and drive the show forward.

You: Oh my Gosh! What are you doing! This is weird and new and different and I don’t like change!!!!!!!! Agh! Just give me a freeking recipe!

No worries. Blab made an infographic that will either answer all your questions, or make you want to just give up. It’s at the bottom of this post. But we think this is going to be like the seatbelt instruction video during the preflight of an airliner. Everyone will know how this works after seeing it once but I will have to explain it for a year anyway.

All you need to do is come visit us Thursday at 3:30. I will probalby ramble on

Sticky Chicken Wings
Macheesmo.com’s Sticky Chicken Wings

while Nick from Macheesmo saves us all with full sentences and coherent thought … and maybe a little singing.

Well, you’ve read enough from me. Mark your calendar and let’s get this thing rocking! On the right, we have a preview of what we will be talking about.

Did you miss us? Well, at least you can watch re-plays of this here forever, or find us on Youtube. We will be starting a new playlist called “It’s 330 Somewhere” under our account. After the blab the transcript will be quoted below:

Until then, please share this post with the graphics below: LETS! MAKE! THIS! TREND!

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The YouTube Version is also here:

macheesmo blab pin

Blab Infographic


One Minute Video Recipes

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