The Best Halloween Costume Ever


The Best Halloween Costume Ever

There are some really clever Halloween costumes out there. It seems like every year someone nails a current movie or TV character. These costumes are great but I had an experience many years ago that I think was the best Halloween costume ever.

As many of you know I was an airline pilot in a previous life. This story really happened to my family.

I had gotten home around 4pm on Halloween after being gone for three days on a trip. My wife was working on our young daughter’s costume in the kitchen and I took our two older boys out on the porch to finish carving their pumpkins.

A little after 5pm, as it was getting dark, I noticed a person walking up our sidewalk. I thought to myself that some kids just can’t wait to get started trick or treating. The door bell rang. As I opened the door I found myself looking at a figure dressed in a dark suit with a dark trench coat and hat. Of course there were dark glasses on this guy too. After an awkward silence he reaches into his trench coat and pulls out a leather wallet which he whips open to reveal a badge and an ID. “FBI – I’d like to ask you some questions” he says to me. Thinking this was a gag by a friend I answer back “nice costume”.  He wasn’t laughing or smiling. Hmmmm. I let him in.

The best halloween costume ever

It seems that I had a neighbor who was a professor at a local university. My neighbor had been asked to spend a semester at a university in Poland. This will date this story, but at this time Poland was under communist control. The FBI was doing a background check on this professor before he was given proper credentials to travel to Poland.

I was asked some pretty fluffy questions about my neighbor and just as quickly as this guy appeared, he turned and disappeared into the dark of Halloween.

Was this the real deal or did I just get punked? For me, this was the best Halloween costume ever because it had a great story too. This guy left me speechless which almost never happens.

What’s the best Halloween costume you have ever seen?

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