Chocolate Faux Oatmeal with Raspberries

Chocolate Faux Oatmeal with Raspberries


I love oatmeal. Especially in the winter. It’s a good stick to your ribs kind of dish that seems so wholesome and filling. The fact that you can add so many different things to change it’s taste….well that’s a definitely plus for someone who gets bored eat the same old things. However oatmeal does not like me. Every once in awhile I’ll make granola and every time I do I get a migraine. It’s taken years for me to finally realize that it’s the oats that bother me. I’ve even tried gluten free oats but they still give me a migraine. How sad for me. So I had to find a substitute. I had to find something to give me that stick to your ribs kind of feeling on a cold fall morning. So here we are and this is it!


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