Easy Marinara Sauce With Rosemary

Easy Marinara Sauce With Rosemary

easy marinara sauce with rosemary

This easy Marinara Sauce with Rosemary has a deep, rich tomato flavour with unmistakable aromatic undertones of rosemary. With only six store-cupboard ingredients (plus oil & seasoning) it can be thrown together quickly and easily. It takes no effort at all to make and is really flexible with regards to timings. It is best if cooked slowly as the sauce has time to reduce and the flavours have time to deepen, but it can also be ready in as little as thirty minutes if you are pushed for time. It works really well in a slow cooker too. Literally just throw all the ingredients in, leave to cook on low for four to six hours and when you come back to check on it you will find a beautiful, rich tomato sauce waiting for you. So incredibly easy!

Easy marinara sauce with rosemary

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