Cheesy Rice & Beans w/ Fried Egg

Cheesy Rice & Beans w/ Fried Egg

Cheesy Rice and Beans

Cheesy Rice and Beans with Fried Eggs. This is real life. I *almost* feel bad for posting this as a “recipe”, but really, you guys are going to love it so much I know you’ll forgive me.

It started with the cheesy rice. This, alone, gives me reason to wake up in the morning. I mean, you know, it’s rice and cheese. ‘Nough said.

After the rice got nice and tender, I stirred in pepper jack cheese and I swear to you I died right there and went to heaven.

For the eggs, I just melted a teeny tiny bit of butter in a skillet cooked the eggs on one side for about 90 seconds, gracefully (aka not gracefully at all) flipped the eggs over, and cooked them an additional 90 seconds. Sprinkle on some salt and pepper and we’re ready to assemble!


Cheesy Rice + Black Beans + Gooey Eggs and Salsa –> simplicity at it’s finest.

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