Mini Chocolate Caramel Layer Cakes

Mini Chocolate Caramel Layer Cakes

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Chocolate Caramel Mini Layer Cakes

Do you love chocolate? ✔️

Do you love caramel? ✔️

Do you love cake? ✔️

If you answered “YES” to all 3 Qs above, these mini chocolate caramel layer cakes are for you! We’re talking fudgy rich chocolate cake filled with gooey sweet dulce de leche!! Mmm-mm is right!

It’s so rich, you’d want it in small dozes. Let’s break it down.

The cake layer is baked into thin, rich n’ fudgy chocolate cake. Then cut into 3 strips and filled with dulce de leche before getting stacked on top of each other. THREE layers of deliciousness! See, how much richness is going on here? But let me tell you, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this. I mean, chocolate + caramel x3!!  Plus, these mini cakes are not over-the-top sweet, just perfectly balanced.

Extra fudgy chocolate cake layers filled with creamy gooey dulce de leche. A little bit goes a long way!!

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