Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

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Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

I have a confession. This Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe is the first time I’ve actually had brussels sprouts. Well…I guess one time I put them into a vegetable soup, buuuuut I picked them out.

I feel like most people say they don’t like brussels sprouts, but I feel like those are the people who actually haven’t tried them yet.

Um. Like me.

So why did I create a brussels sprouts recipe? It’s such a great veggie Thanksgiving side dish and I figured it was about time I gave these little guys a try.

This Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe is the perfect gateway into the whole brussels sprouts thing, because…2 words:

Bacon. Cheese. <– more specifically…goat cheese. ♡

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