How Brands Can Use Periscope | Daily Tips Episode 3

how brands can use periscope
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Welcome to Episode three of Daily Tips Periscope! Today, I am sharing some thoughts on how brands can use periscope and then I walk you through a post I wrote on my blog demonstrating how I tie all of this together.

how brands can use periscope

The live streaming evolution is fascinating. Let me give you a few tips on how you, as a brand, can start taking small steps toward using Periscope in your marketing and PR.

First, there are as many ways to use Periscope as your marketing department can come up with. But today I am giving three reasons why you should be using it and walk you through an example.

  1. Brands should use Periscope to get their customers behind the scenes. This is a wonderful way to deepen your customers experience. If you are a restaurant, you probably can’t take your customer to your state of the art kitchen, but you could periscope and show off your incredible chefs and equipment!
  2. Use Periscope to launch products and specials. The platform is a virtual way to reach people in an exciting atmosphere. Rather than just writing about your unveiling or launch, you can share the experience and capture the feel of the event live with an audience!
  3. Use it to build relationships. We talked a little about this in the last episode from a bloggers perspective, but you can certainly adapt this very easily for a brand.

In my example, I am showing how I am using Periscope to create content and increase the number of times I can share my message. First, I start with a periscope that gets shared. Then I embed it into a blog post. From there it is shared again. Finally, I use all of the materials that were made, the cover images, the blog post, and the video to tie my site together and link readers to my cornerstone pages.

You can join us on Periscope at Please watch the video below for more:

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