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Ramsey County Compost Site | Periscope

I live in Ramsey County, Minnesota. That’s basically St. Paul and the eastern half of the metro area of the Twin Cities. Ramsey county has this program that is really awesome, especially if you are a gardener. They recycle and compost organic waste. So anything that is above ground is brought to the site and is either composted or chipped.

This is a very popular program. After a big storm or in the spring and fall there is often a line of cars waiting to get in to the site.


This program is free for residents of Ramsey County. Employees check ID’s to see if you are a resident.


The county collects all the brush and leaves and either makes compost or wood chips which are free for residents to pick up and use in their yard and gardens.

In the fall, people are bringing leaves and branches from their yards. The pile of leaves is really incredible.



The county has a huge front end loader for moving the leaves and brush around. The pile of brush is hauled off when there is no more room and ground up as wood chips.

IMG_8739web 2

Here is a pile of wood chips for people to use.


The county employees have a sense of humor and have made several signs that greet people as they drive in.


In this video we are interviewing Mark Schwartz, who works at the Arden Hills location. When you watch the video, take a look at how huge the pile of leaves are behind them This is all material that Ramsey County residents come to get dropped off. From here, the leaves sold and composted by a local company who then sells the composts to local stores, etc… Any part of a garden, bush, or tree that is above ground can also be brought here. We use this site regularly to get rid of extra brush. When brush piles up, they ship it to a center where it is ground into wood chips. The wood chips are then brought back to this site and are free for residents to load and haul off to their gardens.

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