Top Tips For Planning A Family Trip To New York

Top Tips For Planning A Family Trip To New York

For a memorable family holiday, there is nowhere like New York. Being a city, New York is filled with all sorts of fantastic sights and attractions that are perfect for keeping the kids entertained.

While a trip to New York as a family can be fantastic, it’s important to realize that it’s a massive city. Because of how big it is, New York can be a little overwhelming. There is so much to see and do here, that no matter how long you plan on visiting for, you won’t be able to do everything.

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To ensure that you make the most of your trip to New York and have a fantastic time, we have put together a few tips.

Be choosy about where you stay

First things first, choose where you will stay. When it comes to making the most of your trip, it’s important that you are choosy about where you stay. As this will affect the quality of your trip and how much you enjoy it.

With children, it’s important to think about how much room your family will need. As well as how close to all the city’s main attractions and restaurants, you would like to be.

Don’t attempt to drive, stay close enough to the city center to walk everywhere or take cabs or use the subway. The roads are crazy busy, so if you choose to take a cab, your journey will probably be expensive.

Plan your itinerary beforehand

If you don’t plan what you will see and do before you arrive, you will end up being overwhelmed. A few weeks before your trip, research all the best family-friendly activities and choose what you’ll do while you are in the city. From ice skating at Rockefeller Center to Carousel riding in one of the city’s most fabulous parks, there is just so much to choose from.

You’ll find that by booking tickets to attractions online in advance, that you’ll save yourself money. So if you are on a budget, booking in advance is a must. You may even be able to find some deals on cheap tickets to various attractions using discount ticket sites. (Just make sure that you only buy through a reputable company.) Don’t forget, while you are in the city to go on a New York City tour, so that you get to see all the most amazing sites.

Take advantage of free activities

As well as booking tickets to different attractions, it’s a good idea also to take advantage of free things. Surprisingly, this amazing city has hundreds of fun things to do that won’t cost you a dime. So even if money is tight, you can still have an amazing time.

Central Park is somewhere that you absolutely have to visit while you are in New York. Not only because it’s an amazing place, but also because it’s home to 21 parks. You can relax with a picnic while the little ones burn off some steam playing in one of the many parks.

Grand Central Terminal is another fantastic place to take the kids. It’s free, and with all the trains passing by, will keep them entertained for hours. As well as the many trains that go through the station, the other reason it’s worth a visit is due to its world-renowned architecture.

See the Statue of Liberty, while you are in the city, this one is a must. While you do have to pay if you want to get close up to this amazing monument, you can see it for free from the Staten Island Ferry. However, you will have to pay for your ferry tickets.

Find the best places to eat

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Before your trip, take some time to research all the best places for you and your family to eat. Look out for affordable restaurants that sell a range of delicious meals, suitable for adults and children alike.

Use TripAdvisor to find out where all the best places are, as well as asking friends and family. By finding all the best places to eat before your trip, you won’t have to stress about where you should eat each night. While you could eat in your hotel, you may as well experience the city in all its glory by eating in as many of its restaurants as possible.

Once you have got the names of all the best places to dine, use the internet to find out if there are any deal or discount tokens available for each place. Sometimes, on weeknights, you can get some fantastic deals on restaurant menus, so it’s worth checking.

For an amazing family trip to New York, take note of the tips and advice above.


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