Everything You Need for an Amazing Roof Garden

Everything You Need for an Amazing Roof Garden

We’ve all seen commercial rooftop gardens, and how wonderful they look. But why not try something a little closer to home and create your own. This is ideal for anyone who may not have an actual garden to speak of but does have a roof terrace. You can really go all out to make this a natural paradise of beauty and serenity.

Creating a glamorous rooftop garden is easier than you’d think provided you have the space. Take a look at these great suggestions, and use them to design and enjoy the perfect rooftop utopia.

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When you’re planning and designing your roof garden you need to make sure you have plenty of furniture. This should be a place of comfort and relaxation, and so there need to be places for you to relax. You should get plenty of chairs up there, and try to include a table. It does, of course, depend on how much space you have. But, if you have the room you should try to get plenty of furniture in there. Try to make your rooftop garden appear as though it is an actual garden!


As with anything involving the roof, you’ve got to make safety a priority. But, you don’t want to detract from the visual beauty and elegance of the roof garden. That’s why you need to consider classy safety additions such as balustrades from SHS Products. These will keep the rooftop paradise safe and secure, and add to the appeal and beauty of your creation. Be sure to make safety one of your major priorities because the last thing you want is to have accidents.

Plants and Wildlife

Okay, so you’ve got some furniture there, and you’ve sorted out the safety. So, now it’s time to start turning your rooftop garden into a garden! The way to do this is to use plants and wildlife to get it as green and natural as possible. Think about putting some decking down, and make sure you have plenty of plants and flowers dotted around. You might even consider adding a trellis so you can put hanging plants into the garden.

A Great View

No rooftop garden would be complete without a breath-taking view to accompany it. Now, this might be a little tricky if you live in an urban backdrop. However, there are areas of the city in which you can get wonderful views. Make sure you do everything you can to ensure that you have the best possible view from your roof garden. It’s the perfect place to sit with a good book, and take in some amazing scenery. And, if you can’t get a good view then at least your roof garden will provide a picture-perfect contrast to the poor view!

If you have the space that allows it, you should try to create a roof garden. This is something that’s going to add an extra dimension to your property. It’s another area of beauty and serenity where you can relax and enjoy yourself. Make sure you follow these ideas as they will help you to create the perfect rooftop garden.

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