Proper Air Conditioning Installation Ensures Optimal Functioning for your home

Proper Air Conditioning Installation Ensures Optimal Functioning for your home

With the temperature soaring in heights, you naturally will want to take refuge in a cool interior that is the perfect haven from the outdoor uncomfortable heat and humidity. Whether you live in the tight modern apartments, house or a large penthouse, your air conditioning will largely determine your comfort level. There are many amateur and unprofessional installation people, who do not know how to install your air-conditioning system, so you have to check their experience and certification before you allow them any task for air conditioning installation.

Installing the indoor unit

Air Conditioning Installation

When it comes to installing a simple split air conditioning installation system, you will do well to see that the basic protocols of both the indoor as wellas the outdoor unit are followed so that it functions optimally.

  • The indoor location should not be cluttered with various items so that you can easily carry on with the air conditioning installation. Moreover, there should be ample ventilation systems to let the hot air out of your rooms.
  • The place should not be under the influence of direct sunlight or any other heat source. Also, keep it away from a place that may be affected by any kind of gas leakage, oil mist or chemicals.
  • The unit should be installed in place that has at least about fifteen centimeters or six inches of free space around the top as well as well as the sides. It is important to keep the indoor unit at least seven feet or 2.13 centimeters above the floor level for the appropriate circulation of the cool air.
  • Another important factor is to keep the indoor unit away from the other electrical connections and wires that connect the radio, television sets, an intercom system or even the telephone lines. The flux and the sound from these lines will interfere with the working of the air conditioning unit. You will do well to keep the indoor unit at least 3.3 feet or one meter away from any such wire influence.
  • Lastly, the wall on which you mount the split indoor unit should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of it. If necessary, you may have to construct an additional frame to support it.

Install outdoor unit with care 

Air Conditioning Installation

You will also have to take some similar installation care setting up the external unit so that the complete works in perfect combination.

  • Try to install the outer unit away from a heavy traffic area that is prone to too much of dust and extreme heat conditions.
  • For the outside unit, you will need a free space area of at least one foot around it to allow the hot air to escape effectively.
  • Take care to keep it away from all electrical installations by ten feet or three meters and also take care to set the condenser on a rubber cushion so as to minimize the effect of vibrations.
  • Depending on the load that your system will carry you will need standard circuits of 20 amps, 32 amps or 10 amps with weather proof isolator and interconnections.

Taking professional help 

It is good to entrust the work of air conditioning installation into the hands of professionals with the necessary license that have the expertise in handling any of the leading brands. This will ensure that they have gone through the necessary training from the respective companies. It is important to main a checklist of the jobs done all through the installation process so that everything functions well. There are many air condition companies who charge extra for an additional outdoor or indoor unit installation, so you can arrange your priorities accordingly to include all those items that need to be put inside the list for installing your air conditioner. You can consult with the company professionals from whom you have purchased your air conditioner.

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