Stay On Top Of Interior Fashion Trends With These Simple Tips

Stay On Top Of Interior Fashion Trends With These Simple Tips

Before we begin this article, let’s make one important fact clear. If you want to keep up with new interior design trends, it’s going to cost you a lot of money. While it would be nice to upgrade your home once or twice a year, for the vast majority of people it just isn’t workable.

So, this guide is for those of you who have an average budget and want to keep up, but can’t afford the time or money to make constant changes. Ready to begin? Then let’s get going right away.

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Understand the difference between fashion and style

There is a big difference between fashion and style, whether you are talking about clothes or home design. Fashion describes something that is on trend, right now. If you want an uber contemporary look, then this is what you should concentrate on. But, as we mentioned before, this will often change  – almost with the seasons. You’ll be constantly chasing your tail, and in all honesty, it can look a little desperate.

Style is another thing altogether. It’s more about you than it is about what everyone else is doing. It’s a personal thing, and it’s something you can develop over time. With regards to style in the home, you need to be looking at concentrating on the basics first. Then you can add little dashes of on-trend items, which are either inexpensive or long-lasting. We’re going to take a look at some of those ideas now.

The basics

OK, so there are some essential elements of a home that never go out of fashion. But, you should choose these items in accordance with your style, your personality, and, of course, what you like. A good starting point would be to make your home a blank canvas – choose light colours for the walls, and plain wallpaper. Be as minimal as you can for the moment – you can jazz things up later on. Check out the BBC’s excellent rules of design for more help –

The next step is to look into some core pieces. It’s entirely up to you what you choose, of course. But, there are some handy pointers. If you like a vintage look, try and mix up the old with the new. Take a look at some of the antiques at for example. There are some great pieces, but you need to think about supplementing them with a more modern and personal twist.

Add your style

Now, you can start having some fun. Keep ‘trendy’ pieces to a minimum, or pretty soon your home will begin to look dated. Look at the blank canvas you have in front of you and start to choose artwork to hang on the walls, and decide on a colour scheme. Use this to influence the fabrics you choose. You can break up your blank wall spaces by adding in single strips of wallpaper, or by creating a feature wall.

You can also think about upcycling the odd piece here and there. However, while the shabby chic look is definitely on trend right now, at some point, it’s going to start looking dated. So, keep your expenditure down and your dated pieces will be easier to replace.

In short, watch out on how much you spend on fashion trends – because it will only cost you the same again to replace. It’s far better to have long-lasting, classic pieces that will stand the test of time.


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