Turkey Saltimbocca Meatballs

Turkey Saltimbocca Meatballs

Turkey Saltimbocca Meatballs

I was never a fan of meatballs growing up, but somehow they must have grown on me, because I have THREE meatball recipes on this blog (here,here and here)…and here is number four!

Are you thinking ‘turkey saltim-what?!’  Saltimbocca!  It’s an Italian veal dish which is wrapped with sage and prosciutto, and fried in butter/white wine.  Sound good?  It is.

But for these meatballs, I wanted to lighten things up.  First of all, they are baked rather than fried, and secondly I used ground turkey.  I tried them with ground chicken and wasn’t impressed…I find the turkey gives them a much more ‘meaty’ flavor, and retains moisture much better.

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