Custom Made Rugs To Beautify Your Floors And Kitchen Area

Custom Made Rugs To Beautify Your Floors And Kitchen Area

When you find different festive offers to design your homes, you generally tend to forget the small things like rugs which keep your feet free from dust, and also keep them warm, and rugs which also beautify and decorate your domestic surrounding. Rugs are very essential in homes as they lock the dust and do not make it flying in the surroundings of the house. Rugs are available in different colors, and they can be purchased in single quantities in velvet and cotton materials. Also known as carpet, they have lot of uses that make them a necessity in many homes:

  • Insulating feet from concrete floor or cold tiles
  • Adding a dash of color to the specific room
  • Comfortable place to sit on floor

Rugs provide insulation during winter:

In cold regions or during winters, insulating one’s feet is very important and carpets help in achieving it. Apart from adding a dash of color to the ambience, they also act as a comfortable place to sit down. In cold countries, rugs are placed around fireplaces so that they keep your floor warm. Apart from that, they are also good options to store the heat if you have hydronic heating system in your rooms.   There are different types of rugs like:

  • Woven
  • Needle Felt
  • Knotted
  • Tufted
  • Flatweave
  • Hooked

Woven carpets are made same as woven fabrics whereas knotted carpet is made of weft threads. Tufted carpets are mostly used for domestic purposes. Flatweave carpets are made using warp and weft threads and if there are any alterations required, they can be customized and used accordingly for your home an office.

Steps in making rugs through tufting method:

Step 1: A required material is chosen for the carpet and tufting method is applied to make a carpet

Step2: Hundreds of sharp needles then form tufts or loops

Step3: Adhesive coating to seal the rugs. These are made in an industry that specifically makes and produces carpets.  One must choose the right firm that makes high quality custom made carpets. The room size, the measurement and color and fabric requirement should be told before hand to the carpet maker to get the desired carpet.

Custom made carpets:

Carpets can be found in various shapes and standard sizes and if a custom made one is required it must always be pre booked.

  • The style, fabric, size and colour can be done based on one’s own choice or requirement. Shapes like rectangular, oval, square, round and even specific designs on the corners of the carpets can be pre ordered. The sizes may vary based on the room or area size that is required in any household or for commercial purpose.
  • The color may vary from beige to various colours depending upon the existing décor. The carpets like traditional, contemporary, floral, and braided and kid’s carpets provide a variety for different rooms.
  • The advantage of customizing a carpet and buying it new is purely based on one’s choice. Not all times it is possible as few carpets come over from generations to generations and there are many sentimental values attached to it. In such cases resizing of carpets is required.

How to resize a carpet?

Resizing happens when one buys a carpet and finds out the size is quite big for the particular room or when carpets are kept for sentimental reasons. Resizing either shortens the carpet or enlarges a carpet based on the need of the customer. A big carpet can be cut into specific designs and utilized in different rooms and a small one can be given additional borders to be used in a particular room.

Resizing or freshly made custom rugs, they always add beauty to any cozy home. You can hire carpet weavers or do the design yourself and send it to a designer for final approval.

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