Cheese Waffles with Roasted Fruit & Honey

Cheese Waffles with Roasted Fruit & Honey

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My Lebanese father didn’t cook many things in his lifetime. Fortunately for him my mother was  a fabulous cook and learned how to cook all his favorite dishes. Sadly she died at 63 and it was a few years after, that he decided to learn a few Lebanese dishes too. He mastered a dish called kanafi which was a  savory sweet dessert involving shredded phyllo dough, a mild cheese and a sweet syrup with a hint of rose water. Growing up I never cared for it but as I got older I realized it was quite delicious. He only made it on New Year’s Eve and now we never have it.  I’ve been craving it lately and that is where I got the inspiration for this dish … cheese waffles with sweet, roasted apples and pears and a drizzle of honey. Delicious!

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