Components That Are Used For Making Cold Pressed Almond Milk

Components That Are Used For Making Cold Pressed Almond Milk

Components That Are Used For Making Cold Pressed Almond Milk

If you have completely forgotten the rich taste of creamy white milk, then you need not be disheartened, as there is a wide variety of cold pressed almond milk available in the market. These cold pressed varieties of milk are pasteurized in a most perfect manner; they are toned, sterilized and stored at a certain temperature so that the milk can retain its protein value and the essential nutrients. This milk is not just good for your everyday health, but it also boosts your immunity and this flavored milk is one of the most essential dietary ingredients that can ensure a steady growth of the embryo in pregnant women. Moreover, cold pressed almond milk is also used by bodybuilders to build immunity and also to enhance muscle strength and for getting a glowing and healthy skin.

What Are The Ingredients That Are Used For Making Cold Pressed Almond Milk?

It is very easy to prepare cold pressed almond milk at home, but you can definitely visit some dairy and ask them how they make the cold pressed almond milk and bottle them up before selling them in the market. Generally the following ingredients are used in making cold pressed almond milk:

  • Raw and dried almonds
  • Milk
  • Coconut essence
  • Coconut milk
  • Vanilla essence
  • Filtered water

Components That Are Used For Making Cold Pressed Almond Milk

Why This Milk Is Called Cold-Pressed?

When no heat at all is required for the extraction any liquid, it is termed as cold press. In making this cold pressed almond milk, you have to crush the nuts and move them through a press to extract the juice and the nutrient then gets mixed up with the milk. The result is the most beneficial health drink, the almond milk. However, it is to be noted that the goodness of milk or the almonds can be reduced to a large extent when the milk is pasteurized, as boiling steals away most of the basic nutritional factors.

What Are The Nutritional Benefits Of Almond Milk?

Cold pressed almond milk definitely has certain nutritional benefits, and they can be summarized as below:

  • It is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • This milk is a natural source of anti-oxidants and it also has anti-inflammatory properties
  • You can also find powerful photochemical and living enzymes that can help your body system to grow and develop
  • Cold pressed almond milk enhances digestion and endocrine functions
  • Stress and hormone imbalance can also be modified and balanced by this kind of milk

How Long Does Cold Pressed Almond Milk Last As Compared To Pasteurized Milk?

When you buy good varieties of cold pressed almond milk, you can be sure that there are no added preservatives, as a result of which you can store the milk for a long time. When this milk is stored in a refrigerator, then you can store it for five days, but if you store it in tetra packs or cartons, then it can be preserved for more than ten days almost.

How Can You Make Almond Milk At Home?

You can also make cold pressed almond milk at home. The process is very simple. You have to soak a handful of almonds overnight, and then dehydrate them the next day, and then you have to blitz them with new water and go on pressing the almonds. For getting a better consistency, you can add one cup of almonds to three cups of milk to enhance the rich creamy texture of the almond milk.

There is a wrong concept that those who replace the normal pasteurized milk with the cold pressed almond milk, actually tend to lose out on calcium. But this is not true. Almond is naturally high in calcium, and almond milk can be consumed daily for better results.

These are the above details about how you can make cold pressed almond milk at home. Go through this link if you want to know more simple processes of making almond milk.

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