How To Add Text To Your Pins With WordSwag

how to make awesome pins

It is no secret our blog was started when we had a Pinterest account totally explode on us. We had about 1,000,000 people follow us in the first 7 months. From there, it continued to grow and so did the need for us to at stylized text to our pins, pictures, and cover images. I struggled with photoshop and some other websites for a while. I was never really happy with what I could do myself. I’m just not a graphic designer!!!! But another blogger friendĀ found an awesome solution called Word Swag. It is extremely easy and versatile. I will show you in the video below how to add text to your pins with Word Swag.


If you want to buy Word Swag, I attached an affiliate link to it here: Buy Word Swag in the itunes store.

how to make awesome pins

Word Swag has totally changed the way I make my cover images. I simply airdrop images from my computer to my phones camera roll. From inside the Word Swag app, I can easily choose the image I want to stylize. I can change the text, choose the style, and even manipulate the image a bit. When I’m done, I simply click done and the new image is saved to my camera roll where it is easy to share to social media, email to a friend, or use as the featured image on your post.

Here’s the video! Hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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