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Welcome to Costa Rica, if you happened upon this page, you entered the third post in a larger series on a #Dan330 trip to Costa Rica. We’re travel bloggers (among other things) and you can learn more about us here. Follow our trip on Twitter and Periscope at @chrisashbach and on snapchat at chris.ashbach. We have only been in Costa Rica for about 18 hours and we have made a bunch of new friends, mostly squirrel monkeys. This post is about how to see monkeys in Costa rica.

squirrel monkey on railing

The bottom line is that they are all over. At least in the Manuel Antonio area. When we first arrived, we heard howler monkeys after dark and had a visit from a capuchin monkey who stole some bananas and my iPhone cord … jerk. ┬áNow I have to borrow someone else’s cord to charge my phone every night. But on the up side, the monkeys are loving their fully charged apple products now. We were getting ready to go to our pool when my three year old giggles and says “Mom! Look at the squirrel!” We turned around and a monkey had jumped onto our railing an arms length from her head. I grabbed the camera, and my wife started this periscope. If you don’t see the video below, we are still waiting on uploading the video. We may have to do it when we get home.

I recorded a Periscope we did and uploaded it to youtube so you could watch it here:

I was able to take a few pictures during the encounter. It’s always a learning experience when you see something first hand.

squirrel monkey in house

But I wasn’t expecting to get to teach a little sex-ed. No Estella, they aren’t sharing the banana you gave him.


All day long the monkeys come in and out of our open-walled house. There are large ropes strung through the trees that are like monkey freeways. If the rope starts jiggling, count on a visit by a monkey.

This is a capuchin monkey in a tree near our house.

capuchin monkey

The rest of these monkeys are squirrel monkeys that cruise the canopy all day. Enjoy!

IMG_1466-5 IMG_1480-9 IMG_1520-11 IMG_1580-20 IMG_1586-21 IMG_1613-22 IMG_1662-23 IMG_1670-24 IMG_1696-26 IMG_1701-28 IMG_1728-30 IMG_1752-31



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