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We found a great zip line alternative for kids called The Avatar at Manuel Antonio Adventure Park. One thing we knew we wanted to do with the kids was to take them zip lining. The only problem is that a good zip line tour can be expensive (a lot of them are $75+ per person). That isn’t going to fly with four kids, of whom only half will even like it. Luckily, we found a good alternative called The Avatar. It’s located on the main road to the public beach (618) in Manuel Antonio just past the restaurant El Avion (which you can’t miss because it is a big cargo plane).manuel antonio adventure park

A traditional zip line is expensive and you are required to be your own brake zipping down a line at great heights. The Avatar is simple. Just grab onto the handle of the Avatar and enjoy your 1200 foot ride. The Avatar is the first rollercoaster zip line in Costa Rica and its a great zip line alternative for kids. 


Even the young kids did it just fine. You start on the platform and it dips, winds, and speeds through the jungle for about a three minute ride. It was a nice balance between being kid approved and still fun for the adults. Plus, it was only $12 per ride. When we finished, the guide offered to do it for a set price and just let the kids ride as long as they wanted too. So this price could still come way down.


This was the perfect way to let the kids experience a zip-line kind of experience without breaking the bank. We will be going back and checking out their other ride called the Canopy Bike. That is a 15 minute ride that goes 500 meters driven by a battery powered bike.


This is more of a ride than a canopy tour so make sure that is what you want to do. There are restaurants within walking distance. We did this ride and had lunch at the Black Cat restaurant and across the street is a c-124 from Iran Contra that has been turned into a bar. This ride was a great way to kill an hour before a meal.

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