Easy DIY Holiday Planter for Free

Easy DIY Holiday Planter for Free

This DIY holiday planter post is a guest blogger submission.

All you need is a container, a couple of branches and some greenery. I’m using a resin urn that I grew annuals in this past season. The dirt is still in the pot. I had a long birch branch that I found on a hike, so I cut it in two and stuck them as far down in the soil as I could. For greenery I cut several branches of the various evergreens on the property. You can also find bunches at many garden centers this time of year.

DIY Holiday Planter

I really like using fresh greens to decorate during the holidays. First of all, because nothing compares to the beauty of nature, and second, because I can cut a lot of my own materials saving me a ton of money. This DIY Holiday Planter tutorial can be put together in a very short time and costs next to nothing to make. READ MORE

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