Quepos Market

Quepos market
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Every Friday afternoon an open air market takes over the walkway overlooking the ocean in Quepos, Costa Rica. The market runs through Saturday and is a wonderful way to see some local sights, smells, and colors. The Quepos Market had everything from fresh fruit and hot local food, to kitschy key chains. There was a lot at the market for you to experience.

Quepos market

Our kids had a Spanish tutor come to our house most days. The kids had fun learning basic Spanish and our trip to the market was their chance to use what they learned. So off the kids went with their teacher Oz. Oz led them to booths where vendors were more than happy to help the kids ask “what is this” to “how much is this” in their new language.


We followed the show with our camera and loved hearing the kids try to speak Spanish and laugh while negotiating prices for their goodies.

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I loved the colors at the market and felt very safe there. The market was definitely much more “local” than “touristy” so be ready for people who don’t speak english and are a little rougher. In all, this was a very cool experience for us and the kids. 

The sun was setting just as were leaving. We headed back to the bus stop in downtown Quepos and headed home.

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