Gato Negro Restaurant Manuel Antonio

gato negro restarant manuel antonio
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It is too much to write up every restaurant, stand, and venue I visit. We review everybody on Trip Advisor and you can see our reviews there. You can learn more about our travel blog here too. However, when there is something notable about a restaurant that we wish we would have known before we arrived, we will write a post. That is why Gato Negro restaurant made our blog (To be honest, I wasn’t going to write this post up so I didn’t really take pictures to give Gat Negro due credit. This was the first restaurant we ate at and it took me a week to realize what a good price it was). It is located on top of the hill heading toward Antonio National Park. There are several hotels, resorts and restaurants along the main road to the beach and national park. This is one of them.

gato negro restaurant manuel antonio costa rica

One thing to know about all the restaurants is they seem to open late for lunch. We bounced to a few of them before we found one that would serve lunch at 11AM. We finally were let in at Gato Negro and we were the only people there when we got there. I think this is just a cultural thing in Costa Rica. But more than once on our trip, a restaurant opened just for us. So make sure you talk to someone. I think a lot of people may camp out at work and just wait for a customer to turn on the kitchen, which coming from a resort background in Minnesota makes total sense to me. Almost everything is open air and it is difficult to find anything with air conditioning.

gato negro restarant manuel antonio
Cover Yourself Tiki Lady!

gato negro restarant manuel antonio

As with 99% of the people we meet here, the staff is very nice and go out of their way to make the kids happy. We made the comment that the food in Costa Rica is Disney World expensive. It usually is. When my family of 6 went to eat it was almost always $100 for a good, but basic meal. Gato Negro was by far the most reasonably priced restaurant. 10 of us ate there for $95.

In all, I highly recommend this for a lunch. The food is as good as any restaurant and the price is half of many of them.

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