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MidWorld is probably the largest tour operator in Manuel Antonio. They have zip lines, hiking tours and more. We did the ATV tour and I would say it was good. The ATV riding itself was quite easy and it was on trails. So if you are looking for a wild ATV challenge, this is not your place. The flip side of that is anyone could do this so if you have never driven an ATV and want to give it a try you will be quite happy with the MidWorld ATV Tour experience at MidWorld.

midworld atv tour

The waterfall and swimming hole are easily the highlight of this tour. This made the trip worth it for us. There’s a river you will follow on the ATV’s (albiet on a parallel road). When you get to the waterfall, you will walk down to the river. We had a lot of rain the previous two days and the water was about chest deep, which they said is unusual. Across the river a smaller stream pours over a cliff into a swimming hole that in turn dumps into the bigger river. This is the river you follow as you head to the swimming hole:

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The swimming hole is very deep and you can jump next to the waterfall into the hole safely.  But before you just climb up and jump, you should always inspect a jumping site on your own. I have done a lot of cliff jumping in Minnesota. Trust me, you do not want to be wrong on depth. This swimming hole is literally a hole and it will hold water even during the dry season so don’t avoid this tour just because it is dry.

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The bottom line of this tour is it’s fairly priced. If what I described above sound like fun to you, you won’t be disappointed. The waterfall is very pretty and you will get some scenic views of the river and mountains.


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