Awesome Sugar Cookies

Awesome Sugar Cookies

This Awesome Sugar Cookies recipe is a guest blogger submission.

Awesome Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies have never been my favourite Christmas treat.  That was probably obvious when I said that I didn’t really like making cut-out cookies!  They’re just kind of a pain.  Way more time and effort than regular cookies, like thesewhipped shortbread.  Those are just fast and easy.  These….not so much.

But, as far as cut-out cookies go, these sugar cookies aren’t bad.  And you can split up the work over a couple of days.  I tend to make the dough one day, cut them out and bake the next, and decorate the next.  Not sure if that’s better or worse, but it works for me.

The best sugar cookies for making Christmas cut-outs.  Soft, sweet, and easy to make!

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