Butterscotch Brownie Brittles

Butterscotch Brownie Brittles

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Butterscotch Brownie Brittles

Crispy n’ chewy butterscotch brownie brittles from scratch with extra boost of flavor! Totally addicting treats for your morning coffee, or afternoon tea.

If you haven’t tried my brownie brittles, you’re so missing out on crispy, chewy, thin, and totally dunkable chocolate treats, that pairs especially well with your morning coffee, or tea. And we all know that butterscotch n’ chocolate is as great as peanut butter n’ chocolate, right?

In this version, besides throwing in some butterscotch chips, I infused the batter with butterscotch candy oil for an extra boost of flavor. You know I’m a huge fan of LorAnn Candy Oils. Their candy oils are top notch, super powerful and a little bit goes a long way. (If you haven’t heard of them before, you have to check them out for your holiday treats!)

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