Birds in Costa Rica

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Birds in Costa Rica

We visited Costa Rica in early December with our four kids. We could not believe all the Birds in Costa Rica! 

Costa Rica is a paradise in Central America. It has a coast on the Pacific and Caribbean Ocean with a mountain range and rain forest in between. There are dozens of species of birds and I wanted to share some of what I saw with you here today!

I will be the first to admit that I am not a birder and don’t know many of these birds, but I had a new 600mm lens and wanted to have some fun so I snapped every one that I could. These are just the birds I happened to see on my trip.

Let’s start with these colorful guys: The first one is a Motmot. The second is some kind of flycatcher.

Birds in Costa Rica

Then we saw this Toucan:


This guy is a mystery to me. If you know, hit me up on #dan330 or comment below please!


I think this is a sandpiper


Then, we have the brown footed boobie:


and finally, some more common birds like this pelican and these seabirds.


In all, the wildlife was amazing. These were just the birds I happened to stumble upon on our trip. Costa Rica is a wonderful place for birding and for those of you who are serious about it, you will not be disappointed in your trip.

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