What Does a Howler Monkey Sound Like?

howler monkey
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What does a howler monkey sound like? Well, they sound about as pretty as they look. Let’s just say they aren’t going to be giving Adel any back up vocals any time soon. We saw¬†howlers, squirrel monkeys, and capuchin monkeys at our house. The squirrel and capuchins would just hop on in and say hello while stealing our food, but the howler monkeys were just kind of grumpy. They would walk by and not care we were even there. Regardless, this post will definitely answer your question “What does a howler monkey sound like.”

howler monkey

Apparently, howler monkeys have no modesty or need for privacy. That’s just rude. You’d think those things would get caught on branches. Anyway, now we all know why they scream every morning. I digress…

This post is part of a series on Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. When we first arrived to our house there was a bunch of these howler monkeys just off of our deck. I recorded a Persicope (follow me on Periscope) of the experience here. You can see our reactions to them the first time we see and hear them. This was after a long travel day with six kids. So we look pretty shell shocked.

Then each sunrise, these guys would just whoop it up for some reason. I slapped a mic on my camera and recorded this video. This was a little before 6AM out of my bedroom window.

So there you go. Now you know what a howler monkey sounds like. Have a great day! Learn more about our travel section here and please share!

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