Blogging Via Live Streaming | Daily Social Tips Ep 1.

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Blogging Via Live Streaming | Daily Social Tips Ep 1.

blogging via live streaming


This is the first in a series on blogging via live streaming. This series will be talking about all things related to live streaming. One of my goals is for you to understand how to integrate live streaming into your blogging and online marketing. Today is just an introduction to the idea and a quick discussion on the various platforms including Periscope, Facebook live streaming, and blab.

If you want to follow me on this series, check me out on Snapchat at chris.ashbach and on Periscope @chris_ashbach. I will be rotating through the various platforms and adapting to the changes over the course of this year, so make sure you follow where you can but always come back to this site for a complete list of our live streams.


Blogging through live streaming.

Posted by Chris Ashbach on Friday, January 1, 2016

Here’s a transcript of the text:

Hey, Good Morning. So I want to let everyone know that we have a new thing. People ask me every time how we blog and with the event of all the live streaming I would start totally different than we did years ago. First of all live streaming is a very very simple way to keep in contact and I am going to try a challenge to do it one day or once a day for the entire year. So here is how it works basically with live streaming you are watching it right now. So each day we are going to pick a topic. Each day were going to talk about it on FB, on Periscope, and also if it’s like any event or something going on I am going to say the story on snap and make ten second snip its and put it all together and make it my live stream for the day. When you are done with your live stream you want to make sure you save it upload it on YouTube and on your blog yea it is really important you do that because you want to make sure that any time you use platform, platform can kick you off, any time for any reason, so you want to make sure all the content is saved, uploaded and put on your own site and you can transcribe it to your own text. And what is going to happen is that you are going to build this portfolio on all the work you do on the site you want and live streaming is a very simple way to make regular content. So with this example I am doing today I am going do why we live stream how we do it and what is going to come up this year and then I am going to literally look at my camera rolls and YouTube and via blog and every day I am going to use different platform so I will do FB Periscope, FB Periscope and if someone else comes up with a another platform that is good as well. It might be one of my different FB accounts, it’s my personal one, but that is the goal here. So another reason we rotate through these different audiences is our platform audiences a different I reach people on FB but on Periscope I reach more so it’s usually 2 to 5 on FB which is fine it’s not a big deal but what we want to do is reach more people. Get more people to watch me chasing deer on my yard I had about 800 some people watching live. We chased deer on my yard on Periscope just for fun, that’s on my blog, so you can go to our front page and see that. But that’s the plan. Snapchat is going to be a great tool for the story telling because it’s different. So with the live streaming mostly you just listening to me talk, which is better of course than what it is. The cool thing about live streaming is you can ask some questions. I got a couple on here Macueger, Lizzy Magoo, nice to see you guys. I have a message “hey Chris Happy New Year wish you the best year yet” thank you so much.

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