Teaching Grandpa To Snapchat | Daily Social Tips Ep. 4

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Welcome to Daily Social Tips Episode 4. I’m teaching grandpa to Snapchat.

Part of being social is understanding the various platforms. They all have something unique to offer, that is after all, why they have survived. Snapchat is no different. I saw Brian Fanzo going crazy about snapchat and like him, I had also written this off as a dumb app that wasn’t worth my time to learn. That’s because I didn’t understand it. I wrongly thought this was a platform for young adults to sext each other. But it is a wonderful way to tell your story.

Here’s what you need to know about snapchat:

  1. Content falls off after 24 hours so everything is always fresh.
  2. People must follow you to see your story so the people who see your stuff have already made the decision to want to watch it. That means the engagement is very high.
  3. The rest you can learn by playing with the app for 20 minutes. You will get it.

I am demonstrating Snapchat by telling a story about teaching my dad, who is in his 60’s to snapchat. I gave him a two week project to snap. Watch the video to find out what is coming…

But there are two lessons here. First, snapchat is a legitimate platform for telling a story, and second, be creative with the content you make. I’m in my 30’s and am old on snapchat. Let’s just see what a 60-something creates!

(By the way, this video was a download of “my story,” which I then uploaded to YouTube and embedded here.)

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See he is going on a cruise and I thought it was really funny, why 60 year olds should go on Snapchat? When it is done I am going to download it and put it down on YouTube and show it to the world. And obviously my blog dan330, that’s dan330. In fact I am going to make this day 4 of social media tips. Here is your tip do something funny with your accounts and people might watch. You can find this series on Snapchat and Periscope and FB, and of course put it under our blog.

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