Creator Moments | A Winter Walk in the Snow

Creator Moments | A Winter Walk in the Snow

I was out for a long winter walk in the snow. I was in the woods with the dog and it was just beautiful. The silence of the forest with the snow falling was too good not to share. I went live in Periscope and broadcast what would be to 101 live viewers. We walked through the woods, down a path, and then finally out onto lake Johanna. Watch the Persicope below as I answer questions for the live viewers. Below that, I have some pictures from that little walk.

The periscope was just after my live streaming of Daily Social Tips episode 8. You can watch that one here. This tip was about being spontaneous. Ironic that I ended up broadcasting live to over 100 people just a few minutes later. But it’s a good lesson for social media, blogging, and life in general. Here’s the ‘scope:

Below are a few pictures from the walk starting with my backyard:


Then a telephoto shot of the snow coming down. I thought it was kind of cool way to show winter:


This is a walking path near my home:


I love the red color in these branches:


This is my new dog Bear.


This cattail was gorgeous. I loved the other colors in the background and the snow falling around it. IMG_4003-28

The only wildlife I saw with my camera though was this little Chickadee:IMG_3987-20

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