Norwegian Skolleboller Buns

Norwegian Skolleboller Buns

This Norwegian Skolleboller Buns recipe is a guest blogger submission.
Norwegian Skolleboller Buns
Norwegian Skolebrød or skolleboller buns are a sweet pastry with cardamom, filled with vanilla
custard and topped off with a glaze and chopped coconut.

Typical of Scandinavian pastries the  dough for skolleboller is flavored with cardamom, a spice native to India. Cardamom has a strong delicate flavor which is complex and refreshing, almost reminiscent of eucalyptus. Cardamom is also one of the three most expensive spices, second only to saffron. Besides its use in many pastries, cardamom is also used in curries, chicken, meat dishes, lentils and of course Turkish coffee. It is always best to grind your own if you are able to because the flavor is more pronounced. At home I have an old coffee grinder which is now used for the sole purpose of grinding spices.

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