Spicy 5 Minute Toasted Almonds

Spicy 5 Minute Toasted Almonds

Toasted almonds are sprinkled with a mixture of spices for a perfect party snack or gift for friends, teachers, and neighbors!

spicy 5 minute toasted almonds

I love nuts. And it seems like the more varieties I try the more I find to love. But nuts are expensive. Especially when you’re buying them pre-roasted and salted. They’re often 4 to 5 bucks a pop for the smaller ones! So a very healthy, filling, and tasty snack suddenly becomes cost prohibitive. I remember telling my poor mom a lot when I was living with her and couponing for our groceries that we couldn’t get nuts that week because they weren’t on sale and didn’t have any coupons. Sorry, mom. This post is for you!

spicy 5 minute roasted almonds

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