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For success online, take the time to form relationships off line too. We always hear people talk about online success. Our online readers, our e-commerce sites, our ebooks sold etc… While this is all great, there is another thing we need to consider: Relationships with on the ground businesses. Being a former resort owner and someone who has both an online and on the ground business, I can firmly tell you relationships on both are very useful.

As a property manager, I will barter, trade, and hire bloggers and social media influencers all day long. As a blogger and influencer, I should be thinking of the needs of on-the-ground local businesses as well. Even if they can pay or not. You just don’t know when an opportunity will come up in the future.

Because of this, I take every opportunity I can to teach others about social media. If I am viewed as an authority, when budgets do come up, guess who gets hired …

Anyway, enjoy the snapchat version of our live stream!

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