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follow things your readers think are important
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follow things your readers think are important

One great way to stay relevant to your readers is by following things they think are important. But there are more reasons than that to stay in tune with your readers. In this video, I share an example of how I used the Packers at Cardinals playoff game to generate two leads for my cabins.

See, my cabins are in Minnesota, so they are Vikings fans. With 20,000+ followers in Minnesota on my Minnesota Vacation twitter account, they were more than happy to help me cheer on the Cardinals. When the Cardinals won, so did they by getting a free night on a week long vacation for the upcoming summer.

By morning, I had two people message me about more information and I was able to quote one person a price. By engaging in the things my customers liked, I was able to reach them in a whole new way and have a little fun by doing it. Watch the video below:

Follow things your readers and customers think are important.

Posted by Chris Ashbach on Monday, January 18, 2016

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