Cilantro Pesto

Cilantro Pesto

This Cilantro Pesto recipe is from Show Me the Yummy. Trevor and Jennifer are featured guest bloggers on

Cilantro Pesto

It’s Meatless Monday over here at Show Me the Yummy and I’m not missing meat one little bit. Why? Because I have cilantro pesto, that’s why, and cilantro pesto > everything!

Actually this cilantro pesto would be great over chicken…

but that’s for another time, another blog post.

This cilantro pesto recipe is so good in fact, that I’ve made it THREE times since Friday. Mainly, because one was a test batch, the second was for a video (did you follow us on Periscope?!), and the last was for a photoshoot. 😉

Ok fine. I could’ve gotten away with only making it TWO times, but it’s like reeeeeally good pesto, guys.

This cilantro pesto was happily scooped up with crackers, smothered over pasta, and yes, licked off the bottom of the bowl, because the only one around to judge me was Teddy. 😉

Cilantro Pesto. It’s a thing. A really good thing.

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