Valentines Thin Mints

Valentines Thin Mints

This Valentines Thin Mints recipe is a guest blogger submission.

Valentines Thin Mints

Girl Scout Cookie Time is coming soon. If you can’t wait to bite into the minty goodness of Thin Mints then make them yourself. This simple recipe with just a few ingredients will have you munching down in under 30 minutes.

What is crazy about these cookies is that they are made with round buttery crackers. Yes, I said crackers! When I eat a Thin Mint, neither crackers nor salty come to mind. Never in a million years would I have thought you could use a savory cracker to create a sweet cookie. But trust me, it works. I remember years ago when Thin Mints were made with a light colored cookie. They weren’t a brown chocolate like they are now, so I have no problem wrapping my head around these cookies being light in the middle. Make them and have someone try them without telling them how they are made. I think all will agree they are pretty darned close to the real Thin Mints.

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