10 More Healthy Hearty Soup Recipes

10 More Healthy Hearty Soup Recipes

This post is by My Life Cookbook. Denise is a featured food blogger on Dan330.com.

Healthy Hearty Soup Recipes

Recently I’ve noticed I have a lot of soup recipes on my blog. I guess it must be because I like it so much especially in the winter time. I have to say that this is definitely one area of cooking that my husband gives me the most praise. He often tells me how good of a soup maker I’ve become. So maybe that’s why I keep making more soup recipes….to get the compliments! 😉 Last year I already posted 10 healthy soup recipes and now I’m give you 10 more. Many are low carb and Paleo, all are tasty and healthy. I hope you like them as much as my hubby.

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