Homemade natural carpet odor remover

Homemade natural carpet odor remover

This DIY Homemade natural carpet odor remover post is a guest blogger submission.

Are you sick of your carpet odor? Get it to smell fresh and nice again the easy, natural, homemade way. Here’s how to remove carpet odor without an expensive deodorizer! 

Ever since we got our pets, there are so many places in my house that need deodorizing! If you are a pet owner then you know having pets is not all roses and cupcakes and often times it’s a stinky business. No matter how much you love your pets, there’s a time when you just can’t stand the smell anymore (they probably feel the same about us “hoomans” too btw).

I am not a fan of store bought products which most times smell too harsh for my taste and are full of unsafe chemicals so I thought I should handle the problem the old fashion way: the homemade natural way. It’s really that simple and it requires products I have around at any time: baking soda and my beloved essential oils.

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