Social Media is a Team Effort | Daily Social Tips Ep. 29

social media is a team effort
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social media is a team effort

Social Media is a Team Effort

Social Media is a team effort. In this live stream, I give an example of a poorly executed check in at a hotel and then explain how that experience reverberates through social media.

I just spoke in episode 28 about leveraging your employees personal brands, in this case, we lost an opportunity to leverage our customers personal brands. Because the customer had a bad experience, the hotel not only missed an opportunity for the customer so share good information, but now, likely the social media team needs to play defense and deal with bad tweets.

In many cases, “doing” social media needs to start an an organizational level, and can’t be a silo by itself. When the organization recognizes and adapts this attitude, it can start to effectively “do” social media.

Watch me talk about this more below:

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