Awesome Breakfast BLTs

Awesome Breakfast BLTs

Awesome Breakfast BLTs

These BLT Breakfast Sandwiches are a fun, new take on a classic sandwich! An egg and creamy avocado slices jazz traditional BLT ingredients, all topped on a toasted bagel thin!

 Breakfast BLTs

Breakfast sandwiches certainly have wiggle room for customization, so keep that in mind as I share one of my favorite varieties. This BLT breakfast sandwiches includes – you guessed it – bacon, lettuce, and tomato. I’m not a huge fan of mayonnaise so for a creamy element I added thinly-sliced avocado. Ever since dabbling in the avocado toast waters I’ve been thinking of more ways to incorporate avocado into my A.M. eats, so this was a no-brainer!

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