Awesome Stuffed Cheesesteak

Awesome Stuffed Cheesesteak

This Awesome Stuffed Cheesesteak recipe is a guest blogger submission.

Awesome Stuffed Cheesesteak

Tonight I am making one of my hubby’s favorite meals! The first time I ever made this dish was 15 years ago when my hubby and I were newly married.

I remember working really hard to get the cheesesteak to stay together and I prayed that it would stay together long enough to make it to the table! :-) My hubby took one bite and told me that it was amazing!

Over 15 years later I have perfected this stuffed cheesesteak and it’s now become a family favorite! We have served this for Friday night dinners and for parties we host!

This stuffed cheesesteak comes together quickly and is worth waiting for as it bakes in the oven! Refrigerated pizza dough, cold cut steak, sauteed veggies, and cheese come together to create this crowd-pleasing dish!

Awesome Stuffed Cheesesteak

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