Cacao Porridge

Cacao Porridge

Porridge is a perfect, healthy way to start the day and an absolute classic British breakfast. It’s my go-to breakfast for cold mornings (which is pretty much everyday in England).

I’ve made this one using my slow cooker as I find it’s easier to prepare it the night before so I have more time in the mornings and I prefer the taste as it becomes super creamy. If you don’t have a slow cooker though and want to try it for yourself you can simply soak your oats in milk overnight in the fridge then cook in the morning and you’ll still achieve the creaminess.

When I was a child my favourite breakfast was chocolate Ready Brek, so I wanted to try and create a similar breakfast option for adults and kids to enjoy but with heaps of nutritional benefits. This cacao porridge definitely does the trick. I’d recommend adding the cacao one teaspoon at a time, to ensure the flavour isn’t too rich. Hope you like it!

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