Travel Around Southeast Asia Like a Pro!

Travel Around Southeast Asia Like a Pro!

Southeast Asia is one of the most popular places for all kinds of travellers to head to, whether they are newbies or seasoned travellers. Regardless of your experience level, with all of the information out there, it isn’t too hard to navigate your way around southeast Asia like a pro. This guide will help start you off!

Enjoy the Food But Be Smart

There are some delicious meals to be eaten around Southeast Asia, so make sure you enjoy the food! That being said, you must be smart when eating if you’re going to stay healthy. If there isn’t anybody eating in a restaurant, ask yourself why. That restaurant might not be big on hygiene! You’re also much better off buying street food from busy areas, as the turnover is high.

Drink and Eat Local to Save Money

Make sure you drink and eat local to save a ton of money. Drinking local beer and eating local food will cut down your bill dramatically. If you insist on having your comforts, such as Western food and drink, then you should expect to blow a lot more of your budget.

Always Negotiate the Price

Whenever you’re buying anything in Southeast Asia, always negotiate the price. The price is pretty much always negotiable, and if you’re paying full price then you’re probably being ripped off. If you’re purchasing souvenirs, practice your haggling skills.

Travel Around Southeast Asia Like a Pro!


Don’t be put off by Strangers

Strangers will approach you in Southeast Asia, because that’s just how their country works. They will more than likely want to tell you how nice you look, so although this might be strange for you, make sure you embrace it! You might get some amazing tips from some of the locals, wherever it is you’re visiting. Many travellers say that they have had some real gems from locals that they never would have had if they didn’t spend time with them.

Take a Tour

There are ready made tours set up that can take you and show you exactly where you want to go. Don’t be put off by them or think you’re better off doing it all yourself. It’ll take so much of the stress out of it!

Budget Carefully but Splash Out Sometimes

Budget really carefully if you want your money to last you. People have been known to spend less than $15 a day on food, drink and other things in Southeast Asia. That being said, you don’t have to be tight with every little thing. It’s OK to splash out sometimes if you think it’s going to be worth it. For instance, a nice place to stay from Greyloft.

Take Local Transport

Take local transport to get around sometimes – it really is the cheapest and most effective way of doing it. Foreign transport can be scary sometimes, but you’ll get used to it!

These tips should help you to get around Southeast Asia much more confidently. Don’t forget to have a great time amongst all of the planning, budgeting, and haggling!

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