Bacon Egg and Cheese Pancake Donuts

Bacon Egg and Cheese Pancake Donuts

This Bacon Egg and Cheese Pancake Donuts recipe is a guest blogger submission.

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Then you must try these donuts: pancake batter is stuffed with cheesy eggs and then baked up in donut form, topped with a maple glaze and crumbled bacon. It is everything you want from breakfast in one package!

One day when my family was out to breakfast, I snagged a bite of my son’s pancakes and eggs together, an idea hit me–a brilliant idea. What if I could create a breakfast to go that featured eggs, pancakes, and bacon? Oh yes, it had been done many times before–but what if I stuffed pancake batter with cheesy scrambled eggs and baked into shape of donuts? What if I glazed it in maple syrup and crumbled bacon over the the the top? I broke my rule of no phones at the restaurant and pulled my phone out to text myself the idea. I can be forgetful in my old age :)

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